“It’s far from the best looking city on Earth, but it’s a deceptively wonderful one. I can’t claim to be an expert on Taipei, but it’s a place that runs deep.” 

Anthony Bourdain

It’s hard to sit down and write a travel paragraph about Taiwan, mainly because its a place so few people seem to take the time to go to. There are certainly more glamorous places to go, but sometimes the best discoveries come from the least expected places. Perhaps its because of the ever present conflict regarding Taiwans political status and the argument that Taiwan is legally part of China, but we found the Taiwanese to be some of the most proud, independent people we’ve ever met.

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Tips on Taiwan/

  • If taking the train from Taipei to Hualien, make sure to buy tickets EARLY. You can purchase the tickets as much as two weeks in advance, so try to plan ahead. The process is a bit confusing, but can be done at http://railway.hinet.net/Foreign/US/index.html
  • If your itinerary can support it, you won’t be disappointed if you can take the time to head to Taroko Gorge National Park. It is an absolutely incredible place, and is still one of the favorite “nature experiences” on any of our travels.
  • Some would say that Taiwanese street food is the best on the entire planet. We’re not sure if we are qualified to make that conclusion after just a few days, but we definitely came away impressed. Shilin Night market has the largest collection of street food in Taipei, so come hungry!