The biggest question we often receive from others is: “Where to next?!” Followed by the inevitable: “How did you decide on that?” To be honest, nailing down where to go is probably not as complicated of a formula as you would think, but it is somewhat strategic. Strategy…what? Well, it’s simple, when you have limited time to see #alltheplaces planning ahead is your BFF. If you’re struggling with where to start your adventures start by pulling up your calendar and figure out what dates you have available and where you can possibly pencil in a trip. Next, jot down a list of places you’re interested in visiting (or if you’re like us skip this step because you want to see #alltheplaces, so it doesn’t matter too much where you go!). Then look at the following three things to help you narrow down which place/country you need to zero in on and the direction you need to start taking your planning! Here’s a short rundown of the three factors we look at before committing to a trip:


1. Price

Oh if money wasn’t a limiting factor all of the things we could do/see/experience! For our family it definitely matters, so price is always the first thing I look at (specifically airfare prices). Log onto Kayak, Expedia, Orbiz, Skyscanner…whatever site suits your fancy and scope out prices for tickets to your list of destinations. Set up price alerts and check back often to see how ticket prices are trending (I generally watch them over a few weeks before biting the bullet and purchasing tickets). We also rely pretty heavily on travel rewards/travel “hacking” to essentially get some airfare for free using credit card points/rewards. We plan on having an entire section dedicated to this soon.


2. Weather

After figuring out where you can afford to go dig a little deeper and figure out when the rainy season and dry seasons are for each location. Sometimes the “best” time to visit a country according to others isn’t the “best time” for you as personal situations/factors can play a big role in when we take on trips. Our family has occasionally tried to travel to countries purposefully during the cusp season (end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season or vice versa) just to take advantage of lower pricing and smaller crowds (tourists). It depends on what you’re comfortable with, but weather is absolutely something that you need to check into and explore a bit. Nothing worse than grabbing an amazing airfare only to find it’s monsoon season where you’re headed!


3. Number of days (work schedule)

Ask yourself how much time do you have to work with. If you’re waffling between a few countries once you reach this point look at the number of days you have to spend. Some countries will take more time than others depending on your interests. Although we loved both, we were able to feel good about spending 5 days in Hong Kong (although looking back we wish we had had 6), whereas the sites in Thailand were more spread-out and we needed more time to adequately cover what we wanted. With that being said, we have been a lifelong proponents of some time in a country is better than no time.

There is so much wonderful out there and no matter where you choose to adventure we wish you the absolute best!

Happy traveling, friends!

Britt Dom

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