The mix of culture, tradition, and religion that occurs in Kuala Lumpur makes it an absolutely incredible place to visit. Whether it’s your final destination or you are just taking advantage of a long layover, there is no shortage of things to do. We’ve found that it’s easy to find kid-friendly places to go when traveling, but the bigger challenge is to find things your kids will love that are just as enjoyable for adults as well! Here is our top 10 list of kid friendly stops in Kuala Lumpur that adults won’t mind tagging along for and experiencing themselves!

10. Botanical Gardens

Perdana Botanical Gardens is a great place, but what makes it so? Well, for one, the gardens are gorgeous, but second public traffic is not allowed to drive through this area, so as a parent you can somewhat relax which is really nice.  Adventuring around a new and very busy city is no doubt super fun, but can also be incredibly exhausting especially with kids in tow. Park service vehicles and motorbikes still roll through, so although you can’t completely let your guard down it is nice to have the opportunity to let the kiddos walk a bit ahead. The gardens are beautiful + lush and there are lots of playgrounds to climb all over and slides to slide down, but more than anything our kids enjoyed the brief independence. 

Perdana Botanical Gardens:

  • Hours: Everyday, 0700 – 2000
  • Admission: Free

9. Jalan Alor Night Street Market

Jalan Alor Night Street Market was a short walk from our hotel (scroll down to #1 on our Top Ten for details), and it was a fabulous spot for live music and street eats. Lots of restaurants here have tables and chairs set up outside on the street, so just pick one that looks interesting and grab a chair! Lots of opportunities to try something unusual, but also tons of great options for your hungry kids. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something they love here! Have you tried durian, the king of fruit before? Honestly, it’s not our jam, but people love it, so maybe give it a try (warning: it’s a bit stinky!).


Jalan Alor Night Street Market:

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Admission: Free

8. KL Butterfly Park

Our kids LOVE insects, so stops like the KL Butterfly Park are big motivators. The more we travel the more we have come to realize that planning motivational activities like this not only helps with behavior, but also aids in keeping our kids moving. Months later, both of them still talk about all of the huge bugs in Kuala Lumpur…thankfully they are talking about the Butterfly Park and not our hotel! Family admission will run you less than $10usd making it a fairly inexpensive reward for good behavior!


KL Butterfly Park:

  • Hours: 0900 – 1800
  • Admission: 12 RM/Adults, 7 RM/Children. Family admission (2 adults and 3 kids) 38 RM.

7. Thean Hou Temple 

The Chinese Temple, Thean Hou, is situated on a hill overlooking the city and dedicated to the goddess of the sea, Mazu. A visit to this temple fit in best for our family during the day, although just look at those lanterns! I think getting here in the evening and seeing them illuminate the temple would be pretty breathtaking as well. Maybe arriving just before dusk would be best? Either way it’s a beautiful place to be and catch a killer (free) view of KL with lots of room for your kids to explore.

Thean Hou Temple:

  • Hours: 0900 – 1800
  • Admission: Free

6. Batu Caves

Venture to a limestone mountain which is home to the 400million-year-old Batu Caves (or “Batman Cave” as our 4-year-old son fondly referred to it). When you arrive you’ll be standing at the foot of Lord Murugan, the tallest statue of a Hindu deity in Malaysia, and that’s pretty darn impressive in itself!  There are a good number of steps to reach the entrance of the cave (272 to be exact!) which houses several Hindu Shrines.

Although it was a bit of leg work (haha, pun intended!), the site is pretty captivating, especially as you explore the largest of the caves, Cathedral Cave, which features an amazing 100m tall arched ceiling. The site of the brightly colored temples set against the towering stone walls certainly makes the short climb worth it. As a bonus, there quite a few friendly monkeys on your way up, which are always a hit with Miles + Penny. Make sure to grab a fresh coconut water here, too to cool off!


Batu Caves:

  • Hours: 0600 – 2100
  • Admission: Free

5. Central Market

Central Market or “Pasar Seni” is a market whose roots date back to 1888 when it originally served as a wet market.  This stop is a perfect opportunity for chowing down on some local fare for lunch, cooling off, and to try your hand at batik painting.

Batik is a craft/artform that has been practiced for centuries, using a combination of wax and dye. Hot wax is dripped onto the cloth, which prevents the dye from taking hold in that area. After the artist has finished dying the fabric, the wax is then removed, revealing the final product. Our son, Miles (age 4), loved this activity and trust us he isn’t a sit-down activity kinda kid…unless it involves Legos. For ~$3usd this was a great activity and made for the perfect souvenir for him. He is still incredibly proud of his work!

As for the food options, well, they’re plentiful! We truly loved that this market was a fantastic mix of Maylay, Chinese, and Indian cultures. If you’re hungry, we encourage you to head upstairs to the food court to try some of the local fare before leaving – delicious & cheap!

Before you depart this area make sure to check out the covered shopping arcade for some fresh squeezed juice or a smoothie!

Central Market:

  • Hours: 1000 – 2100
  • Admission: Free

4. KL Bird Park

The world’s largest covered bird park! With 3,000 birds calling the park “home” it does take some time to see. Plan on ~2hours to see the whole park at a leisurely pace as it’s fairly big (think 2x the size of Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park). Our kids loved feeding the different birds and this was another great opportunity for them to have a tad more independence.

KL Bird Park:

  • Hours: 0600 – 1800
  • Admission: 63 RM/Adult, 42 RM/Child. We didn’t realize it soon enough, but deals can be had on if you book ahead of time!

3. KLCC Park (playground, aquarium, discovery center)

Suria KLCC Park is a 50 acre urban green space where you can marvel at the foot of the Petronas Towers (the tallest twin towers in the world), and to check out yet another playground! This area has a lot going on and is a great spot to meander and relax. Jogging trails, sculptures, a fountain, wading pool, and a already mentioned two-acre playground (our kid’s favorite part) make this a must stop. *We didn’t have enough time to explore the aquarium and the Science Discovery Center here, but those two attractions are also loacted here. Details below.


Petronas Towers/KLCC Park:

  • Hours: 0900 – 1900. Closed for Friday prayers 1300 – 1430.
  • Admission: Prices vary by how high you want to go. We opted not to go up in the towers due to the fact that our hotel had a killer view of the skyline. However, if you would like to take a ride and experience Petronas book your tickets through for around $25usd for admission to observation deck on floor 86.

Aquaria KLCC:

  • Hours: Monday – Sunday 1000 – 2000 (last admission 1900)
  • Admission: 65 RM/Adult, 56 RM/Child (3-12 years old)

Petrosains Discovery Centre:

  • Hours:
    • Monday: CLOSED (except on Public Holidays and School Holidays)
    • Tuesday – Friday: 0930 – 1730 (Last Admission: 1600)
    • Saturday, Sunday, & Public Holidays: 0930 – 1830 (Last Admission: 1700)
  • Admission: 28 RM/Adult (13 – 60 years old), 16.50 RM/Child (3 – 12 years old, Children under 2 years old are free, 14 RM/Senior Citizen (61 years old +)

2. KL Eco Park ( + Upside Down House)

Stroll through one of the oldest permanent tropical rain forest reserves in Malaysia and the only remaining stretch of tropical rainforest within the Kuala Lumpur city limits, KL Eco Park. However, before you hit up the park may we suggest checking out the great little information center? This spot (albeit small) is filled with tidbits about the forest reserve. As a bonus, KL can get pretty hot and humid, so the fact that it is air-conditioned makes it a great place to pause and cool off. Additionally, there is a small kids’ play area on the second floor! But the best part is… It’s FREE. To head to the canopy walk, take an immediate right after exiting the museum; it’s impossible to miss! Did we mention that’s free, too?!


As mentioned before, our family relies a lot on motivators to keep our kids moving when we travel. One of the ways we motivate our son is through his Garmin vivofit. For walking 30,000+ steps the previous day, we promised Miles some silliness at the Upside Down House. While this attraction doesn’t exactly fit the adult-friendly part of the post, it’s located right at the exit of the KL Eco Park making it a convenient (and low hanging) reward.

KL Eco Park:

  • Hours: 0700 – 1800
  • Admission: Free

Upside-Down House:

  • Hours: 0900 – 1900
  • Admission: Rm20/Adult, Rm15/Child

1. Swim at The FaceSuites

Relax at the rooftop pool at The Face Suites and unwind from the day while taking in some spectacular city views!  The Face Suites has the highest rooftop pool in Kuala Lumpur, and it was every bit as amazing as it looks. In fact, the view was so good that we ended up skipping going up in the famous Petronas Towers for a city view. In our opinion one of the coolest parts of the KL skyline ARE the Petronas Towers themselves! Come just before dusk and stay for sunset before heading off to one of the many night markets for some street eats! Note: Towels are provided at the hotel pool, just show them your room key.

Happy Travels!

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