Hungry at the most magical place in Japan and not sure where to turn? Fear not, Disneyland Tokyo has your back and takes the adorable factor to a whole new level when it comes to eats! Whether you’re looking for the most Instagrammable Disney snack or simply a yummy treat to enjoy while waiting for a parade, we got some ideas for you! Oh, and let’s be real, it’s virtually impossible to “rank” #allthedeliciousness, so we opted to organize them by restaurant as many of these scrumptious treats can be found in the same location! 


Plazma Ray’s Diner (Disneyland)

First up, Plazma Ray’s Diner! Located in Tomorrowland, this little counter service option means you order, pay, and collect your yummy goodness all quickly. Hungry kids? This place is a great option with something super cute for everyone in your party! Here you’ll find quite a few “kawaii” (super cute) options from chicken teriyaki sandwiches, yummy vegetable curry, sweet cookies, and delicious custard. If you only have time for one food stop, this may be the best Disneyland option!


Mickey Mouse’s Glove Sandwich

Full disclosure: Frankly we aren’t huge fans of white bread sandwiches, but when the bread comes in the shape of Mickey gloves? Well, we simply can’t resist. Fried chicken, leafy lettuce leaves, sweet tangy sauce all wrapped up in a Chinese bun. Y’all, it’s good. Real good. You can purchase the sandwich alone for 600yen or make it a set for 980yen. *The set includes either French Fries or Salad in a cup with your choice of beverage.



Veggie Curry Rice Bowl with Mickey Egg

Umm…what in the world? Disney just gets the little details every. single. time. and their vegetable curry is apparently no different. “Momma, are there Disney chickens?!” Not sure how they do it, but that Mickey yolk is adorable and delish! If you’ve got a vegetarian in your tribe this dish makes a great choice. You can purchase the curry alone for 780yen or make it a set for 1,160yen. *The set includes either French Fries or Salad in a cup with your choice of beverage.


Rocket Custard

Light + Fluffy and absolutely scrumptious! After hitting up Space Mountain this may be the best snack. The yogurt mousse cake will set you back 380yen and it 100% worth it!


Mike Wazowski Cookie

So this little cutie could realistically put you in a sugar coma with all its marshmallow and sprinkles glory, but it’s irresistible! Perhaps almost too cute to eat? You can purchase the cookie for 400yen.


Sweetheart Café (Disneyland)

If Plazma Ray’s didn’t have what you were looking for maybe give Sweetheart Caféa shot. Located in the World Bazaar this little spot has tons of baked goods as well as a sandwich option that we think you’ll love!


Mike Wazowski Melon Bread

Calling all Monster’s Inc. fans! This melon bread (melon pan) is the perfect amount of sweetness rolled into an adorable snack. If you’re a fan of semi-sweet things then you’ll love this little gem. You can purchase the melon bread for 300yen.

Donald Duck Sandwich

Not quite sure if you’re ready to go for the melon bread? Check out the Donald Duck Sandwich with meat sauce and vegetables. If you choose to snag the sandwich it will cost you 580yen, however, if you want to up it by purchasing the set you’ll add a peach jellied dessert and your choice of beverage for 1,050yen.


Pan Galactic Pizza Port (Disneyland)

No matter where you choose to eat, Pan Galactic Pizza Port needs to be a stop. Whether you stop in for the animatronic aliens and the wacky show or the food we think it’s a solid choice. The mochi at this counter-service joint are out of this world! And if mochi simply isn’t your jam (although we honestly don’t know how it couldn’t be) then try the seafood calzone for 600yen!


Little Green Men

Quite possibly the cutest mochi we ever did see! If you aren’t familiar with Mochizuki it’s simply a Japanese rice cake which is pounded into a paste and then molded into a shape. Many times mochi is filled with red bean paste, but in this case each little green man is filled with a different filling, custard, chocolate, or strawberry.  We’d love to tell you we have a fav, but we just couldn’t pick one! It was simply impossible! You can purchase the dumplings for 350yen.

Sultan’s Oasis (Disney Sea)

Looking to experience the Arabian Coast and possibly grab a bite while you’re there? The Sultan’s Oasis in Disney Sea is the perfect spot to sit outside and soak it all in. Counter-service makes this place fast. Make sure to ride Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage next door while you’re there, too!


Chandu Curry Bun

Sinbad’s adorable sidekick + pet tiger, Chandu, most certainly cannot be missed! Don’t know this loveable creature? Hop aboard Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, a 13-minute indoor ride (similar to It’s a Small World in Fantasyland), and meet him first! Post-ride slide on over to the Sultan’s Oasis (also located in the Arabian Coast) and enjoy a Chandu Tail or Face! The adorable bun is filled with chicken curry! You can purchase the curry bun for 500yen.

Food Kiosks (Disneyland & Disney Sea)

Just looking for something to grab and go? The park’s food kiosks may be exactly what you need to hit up. Although they are located throughout the park, we stopped at one outside of Space Mountain to grab a snack. If you’re looking for a sweet treat you certainly can’t go wrong with a Mickey Fruit Pop or Ice-cream sandwich, right?


Mickey Mouse Popsicle

Fancy the iconic Mickey Mouse Ice-cream pop, but desire something more original to Tokyo Disney? The tropical flavored Mickey Mouse Ice Bar is what you’re looking for! This pop was probably our daughter’s favorite treat, or maybe it was because it was the only one she didn’t have to share? Either way it’s perfect for a hot day and will cool you off in no time. Not a “tropical” flavor fan, but still desire something refreshing? Try the Minnie Mouse Ice pop instead which is flavored peach-raspberry. You can purchase either pop for 310yen.


Mickey Mouse Ice-Cream Sandwich

It’s a cult favorite and a down-right classic located at food kiosks around the park. Two delicious Mickey faces sandwiching a generous amount of vanilla ice-cream. This treat is one that never disappoints! You can purchase the ice-cream sandwich for 310yen.

Have a Magical Day,

Britt Dom

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