Our kids LOVE Legos + dressing up for Halloween, so taking a trip to Legoland California for Miles 6th Birthday and their Brick-or-Treat extravaganza was a complete no brainer! Saturdays for some of September and October, Legoland transforms into a kid-friendly space where littles can trick-or-treat, hop on some rides, and visit with some of their favorite Lego characters – all after normal park hours. Yaaasss!!! It’s a bit of a pricey experience, however, so the big question, “Is it really worth it?” persists. Our thoughts below!


What is Brick-or-Treat?

Brick-or-Treat is a fun, festive fall event that takes place on the last Saturday in September and runs every Saturday during October! During the event, families have the opportunity to dress up (or not) and enjoy the Halloween season in one of Southern California’s favorite theme parks, Legoland! On these special days, the park stays open until 2100  – an entire four hours later than the usual 1700 close time, which gives littles a chance to enjoy treats, shows, rides, and characters! The Brick-or-Treat 2019 dates are as follows: 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26


What are the Ticket Options?

At one time, the family-friendly nighttime event was included in the park ticket, however, these days Brick-or-Treat requires a separate ticket (and corresponding wristband) to attend. Honestly, we found the number of ticketing options annoyingly confusing as the theme park sells a large variety of tickets and packages. Additionally, there are numerous discounts especially during the month of October. So, we thought we would try and break it down for ya, so you could determine the best value for your family (see below)!

If you have a Legoland ticket already (discounted or not) the Brick-or-Treat upgrade is $25. If you’re like us, the early evening can be the “witching hour” when it comes to the kids. Some days, our kids (especially after a long day filled with lots of stimulation) can be toast by 1700, while other days they are able to rally and stay in good spirits much longer. Keeping this in mind, we opted to wait until 1600 the day of our visit to make the call on whether to upgrade our park tickets to include Brick-or-Treat. Even if Penny was free, the $75 cost for the rest of us was not insignificant. Note: There is no additional cost or savings for purchasing the upgrade ahead of time versus the day of, so either way is good! All you gotta do is visit guest services near the front of the park to “upgrade” your tickets. In our experience (even at 1600) the line was short and moved quickly, so once we made the call we were back out in the park in no time!


Once you have a Brick-or-Treat ticket, you’ll make your way towards the front of the park’s lake (the park is a big circle, so you can go either right or left around the lake). Here queues will begin to form, and it is at this point you’ll show the staff member your ticket which will be scanned and then you will be given a wristband (which shows staff that you have paid to stay past 1700 and for the special event) as well as a treat bag for the evening.

Below are a few options on how to purchase as well as the cost breakdown:

  • Brick Trick-or-Treat Ticket only (one day) with no day park entrance:
    • Admission: $64.00
    • Although the event doesn’t begin until 1700, if you have a Brick-or-Treat only ticket you can enter the park starting at 1600. Since the event is fairly short (4 hours) you’ll want to spend all that time enjoying the festivities rather than getting checked in, yes? Correspondingly,  we suggest arriving somewhere between 1600 – 1700 if you decide on this ticket option.
  • Full Day Package(s) including Brick-or-Treat (online):
    • 1-Day ticket to Legoland and SEA LIFE Aquarium + Brick-or-treat
      • Admission: $79.00
    • Early Bird 2-Day ticket to Legoland, SEA LIFE Aquarium, the water parks AND Brick-or-Treat
      • Admission: $99.00
  • Use the Kids Free in October Promotion + Brick-or-Treat (Add on):
    • San Diego has an awesome Kids-Free October promo, where lots of the city’s most popular attractions are free. In October, you can get one free Child’s Park Hopper ticket with purchase of an Adult Full Price ticket. Unfortunately, Brick-or-Treat is not included in San Diego’s Kids Free in October promotion. The overall park admission is, however, so you CAN get the free day admission plus $25 Brick-or-Treat add on. It’s only good for a Single One Day ticket per child, however, so if you are looking for two days at the park it may not be your best option.
      • Admission:  $124.00 (1-Day Adult Park Hopper) + $0 (1-Day Child Park Hopper) + $50 (2 x Brick-or-Treat) = $174.00 (for 1 adult and 1 child)
  • Park Ticket using Military Discount + Brick-or-Treat Tickets (Add on):
    • Legoland California does have some killer military discounts, if this applies to you make sure to check it out.
      • 1-Day Legoland (no Brick-or-Treat):
        • Admission: $69.99 (with Brick-or-Treat: $94.99)
      • 2-Day Legoland plus SEA LIFE Aquarium:
        • Admission: $79.99 (with Brick-or-Treat: $104.99)
      • 3-day Resort Hopper (Legoland, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and Waterparks):
        • Admission: $84.99 (with Brick-or-Treat: $109.99)
  • McDonald’s Promotion (Free 1-Day Child Hopper Ticket with Paid Adult Ticket) + Brick-or-Treat Ticket (Add on):
    • The McDonalds Promotion option also gives you the option to add on a 2nd Day for an additional $30
    • Admission:  $124.00 (1-Day Adult Park Hopper) + $0 (1-Day Child Park Hopper) + $50 (2 x Brick-or-Treat) = $174.00 (for 1 adult and 1 child)
  • Happy Birthday Option!
    • If you have happened to have an October baby you may have lucked out! Legoland lets kids in for free on their birthday, so this can be a very handy way of cutting down on costs if the timing works out for you. Once again, this applies only to the kiddos, so as a parent you will still need to buy the normal priced ticket.
    • Unfortunately, Brick-or-Treat is not included in Legoland’s Birthday promotion.

Annnnnddd our family’s breakdown…

Since our family planned on going to Legoland both Saturday and Sunday we opted to purchase the “3-Day Park Hopper Military” option and then add on the Brick-or-Treat tickets at the park via the customer service desk. Our 3-day tickets were $84.99 plus the $25 extra charge for Brick-or-Treat. We only used two days, which means we have one more day to use this year (see below).

With complete Brick-or-Treat buy-in and pre-planning, the overall 2-Day best option would be the “Early Bird 2-Day” admission plus Brick-or-Treat for $99.99. In hindsight, this option would have saved us ~$30 for the 2-Day admission, but the flexibility to skip Brick-or-Treat if the kids were loosing it (or if we had simply had enough) was worth the slight premium (we would have lost $45 in savings had we opted to not attend Brick-or-Treat and bought the “Early Bird 2-Day” as opposed to the “#-Day Park Hopper Military”).

Additionally, as you move through the ticket purchasing process, it’s good to note that you can divide up ticket days and use them on separate visits (as long as it is before the calendar year ends). So, for example, even though our family spent ~$30 more on tickets than we could have when we visited, we also have an additional day to use that we otherwise would not have had. In short, even though we used 2 out of the 3 days on our Park Hopper tickets this visit, we have until the end of the calendar year to come back and use our third day. Make sense?


What Should I Bring to Brick-or-Treat?

  • Backpack/Diaper Bag/Tote to carry #allthethings
  • Refillable Waterbottle
  • Camera
  • Phone
  • Legoland California App (to check those ride wait times!)
    • Note: We did not find the wait times accurate and although they will give you general idea
  • External Battery Pack
  • Snacks (the official Legoland policy is that the park does not allow outside food into the park, however, we noticed that they seem to be okay with small snacks)
  • Stroller for wee ones (you can rent one at the park ($14/single or $17/double)
  • Halloween Costume (if you have it already)
    • At the time we went our entire family costume wasn’t ready, so only our littles dressed up. But had they all been complete we would have dressed up as a family!
    • Since we spent all-day at the park we kept our kids’ costumes in the car and then around 1600 my husband went out to retrieve them. We changed both littles in the restrooms at Sea Life Aquarium and then went to collect our wristbands and treat bags!


How Do I get to the Parks?

If you are driving from pretty much anywhere in Southern California it’s a pretty easy drive (and straightforward with Google Maps). Coming from San Diego International Airport? Plan on 45 minutes in the car. Headed South to Carlsbad from LAX? You’ll be in the car closer to 90 minutes. It’s good to note that there is ample parking at the park, but its pretty pricey at $25/day.

What is included in Brick-or-Treat?


Costume Contest

Although we didn’t participate in it this year, this is a big highlight for families! Make sure to arrive 15 minutes beforehand and sport the number than you are given. Lego prizes are given away to the winners! Good luck!!



In our experience the ride lines during Brick-or-Treat were about the same as they were during the day. You can download the Legoland California app to see the real-time wait times on your phone. Personally we found the times to be an underestimate of the actual wait and not extremely accurate.


Treat Stations

More than 1 million pieces of candy and both adults and kids can join in on the fun! Some treat stations open early (before 1700), so if you spent the day in the park or arrived early for the event make sure to hit those up first (they’ll be noted with a little asterisk on the map)! Additionally, some stations had lines while others the kids were able to walk right on up. The longer lines do move fast though, so don’t skip those (after all one of them was for a commemorative Lego Brick and another for a “pop” badge)! Just look for the staff member holding the “End of the Line” sign and hop in. At the end of the night, feel free to go back and revisit treat stations, too!



Our kids loved the entertainment by the Witchettes as well as The Ultimate Halloween Celebration. Both of them love singing and dancing, and the the show didn’t disappoint. Different show times and locations are posted at the front of the park and are also available on the Legoland app.

SEA LIFE Aquarium

Before moving to SoCal, we didn’t quite understand that Legoland California included way more than the park itself. The SEA LIFE Aquarium (one of several Lego themed aquariums around the country) is a great way to transition your kids from the fantasy of Lego to the real life creatures of the ocean. Miles and Penny have always been HUGE fans of sea creatures. Although a bit small, the Lego SEA LIFE Aquarium was a great break from the rides and offered some great educational opportunities about the ocean, conservation, and California’s unique coastal habitat.


Character Meet + Greets

Various spooky Halloween characters can be found throughout the park.  Our kids loved meeting the Lego Mummy and Lord Vampyre! In addition to “regular” Lego characters, Brick-or-Treak also offers the chance to interact with several Halloween themed characters (mostly on stilts) around the park.


Do Any of the Rides Have Height Requirements?

Short answer, yes. There is a tiered height chart. The best way to check this out is via the chart below.

Rides with no minimum requirement (as long as with adult):

  • NINJAGO: The ride (48″ to ride alone)
  • Coast Cruise (48″ to ride alone)
  • Fairy tale Brook (48″ to ride alone)
  • LEGOLAND Express (36″ to ride alone)Duplo Playtown
  • LEGO Factory Tour
  • Soak-n-sail (36″ to play alone)
  • Hideaways
  • Hero Factory
  • Build & Test
  • Driving School (for ages 6-13)
  • Junior Driving School (for ages 3-5)
  • Pharoah’s Revenge (under 5 with an adult)
  • BIONICLE Blaster (36″ to ride alone)

Rides with 34″ minimum requirement:

  • Fun Town Police and Fire Academy (48″ to ride alone)
  • Fight Squadron (48″ to ride alone)
  • Sky Patrol (48″ to ride alone)
  • Captain Cranky’s Challenge (42″ to ride alone)
  • Lost Kingdom Adventures (42″ to ride alone)
  • Safari Trek (48″ to ride alone)
  • Skipper School (48″ to ride alone)

Rides with 36″  minimum requirement:

  • Pirate Reef (42″ to ride alone)
  • Sky Cruiser (48″ to ride alone)
  • Splash Battle (44″ to ride alone)
  • Treasure falls (48″ to ride alone)
  • Royal Joust (42″ to ride alone)
  • Beetle Bounce
  • Cargo Ace (must have adult)
  • Dune Raiders
  • Coastersaurus (48″ to ride alone)

Rides with 40″ minimum requirement:

  • Knights Tournament (55″ to ride alone)
  • The Dragon (48″ to ride alone)
  • AQUAZONE Wave racers (52″ to ride alone)
  • Kid Power Towers (48″ to ride alone)

Rides with 42″ minimum requirement:

  • Mia’s Riding Camp (48″ to ride alone)
  • Lego TECHNIC Coaster (4 yrs minium, 6 years to ride alone)

What are the Dining Options?

If you are only coming for the Brick-or-Treat event, we suggest eating beforehand as:

  1. Eating in the park is expensive and
  2. You want to maximize your four hours.

If you are staying all-day and then into the evening for the event, well, you’ll be hungry. Try checking out Fun Town’s Urban Kitchen. Although a bit pricey, most of the food is prepared in front of you, it’s pretty high quality, and it’s fast! Perfect for ghosts and goblins who are eager to get back into the parks.

The other main option is Bricks Cafe, an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant located inside Legoland Hotel, right at the entrance/exit to the park. In keeping with the theme, it is a bit expensive, but they do have Lego Characters to meet and greet!


Any other Helpful Tips?

  • Arrive early
    • The park gets more and more crowded as it gets later in the day. So, start early and start at the back of the park! Most people will get sidetracked by the adorable rides in the front 🙂
    • If you are just attending Brick-or-Treat make sure to arrive before 1700, so you can maximize your time in park!
  • Manage Expectations
    • Remember you won’t be able to cover the entire park during the Brick-or-Treat hours and that’s okay! Discuss what is most important with your kids so that everyone is happy at the end of the night. Rides? Shows? Visiting treat stations?
  • Bring a Few Snacks
    • Although there are lots of fun seasonal snacks (we’re looking at you Granny Apple Fries), make sure to bring a few with you, so you don’t have to break the bank or waste time in line!


Where do I stay?

Staying on-property is never a cheap. Legoland has two hotels on property, the Legoland hotel, and Legoland Castle Hotel. They are both UBER themed, and are sure to make your little ones head explode with excitement. In looking at cost, however, we just couldn’t justify the extra expense. If cost wasn’t important, we would definitely recommend staying on property. Tickets are expensive enough, however, so if you are looking elsewhere there are definitely several other options.

Legoland Properties:


Legoland Hotel: Walk around the gate and continue making your way up the road. The “Premier” hotel on the property, Legoland Hotel offers the most variety of themed rooms and a killer lobby with a huge ship and lego play area for the kids. As a bonus, there is a bar (for the grown ups, obviously) right by the play area, letting kids and parents alike relax at the end of the day.

Legoland Castle Hotel: Sightly less expensive than Legoland Hotel, the Castle Hotel is (you guessed it) themed completely with characters and decor from the Middle Ages. Like the Legoland Hotel, there are several kids’ play areas, a restaurant (The Dragons’s Den), and a pool area as well.

Off-Property Options:

To be honest, we really would have preferred to stay at one of the Lego Hotels, but the premium prices just couldn’t quite be justified when we booked a room. Thankfully, there are quite a few nearby options for you to choose from as well. While we can’t go into all or them, we do have a few recommendations below.

La Quinta: This is actually where we stayed when we went, and while it certainly wasn’t our favorite hotel we’ve stayed in, the rooms were clean, it offered breakfast (which was, uh, ok), and it was just over a mile from the park. It fit what we were looking for perfectly, but was very bare bones overall.

Grand Pacific Palisades: The other great off site option (which is probably better overall) is the Grand Pacific Palisades hotel. It is a bit more expensive than the economical La Quinta, but as it is literally across the street from the park, you can be at the hotel within an easy 10 min walk. That saves you the steep $25 parking fee. Full disclosure, we didn’t actually stay here but if we were to go back this would likely be our first off-site course.


So, is it worth it?

Our vote is a resounding, YES! We did our best to maximize discounts, our kids had a blast, and enjoyed dressing up (and us parents loved that this year’s costumes were going to be used more than once! yeah!!)! Overall, Legoland California’s Brick-or-Treat was a great way to get into the Halloween spirit!

So, that’s it! Brick-or-Treat at Legoland California! We hope you have a spooktacular time and remember…Everything is AWESOME!!!  



Brick or treat

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