Trying to work on a travel blog during a worldwide pandemic is kind of like selling raincoats in the desert…the odds are a little stacked against you (amiright?). Our master plan to transition from Southern California to Southern Spain went through as expected, but due to COVID our experience hasn’t been exactly what we had hoped for. As Spain (and the rest of the EU) has battled the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves in and out of various lockdowns and restrictions. These are completely needed and worthwhile to keep people healthy, and even if we haven’t been as busy traveling, we have continued to evolve. By far our biggest (and most important news)? WE HAD A BABY! We are a bit late to announce it on the blog, but we were so incredibly blessed to welcome baby Jude to the family in December 2020!

In normal times, there is no doubt we would have been eager to start introducing Jude to the world…there are so many things to see + places to go! COVID, however, had different plans. Our initial frustration about not being able to travel gave way (begrudgingly) to acceptance, then to appreciation for all the newfound family time we gained. Spending time at home when we would normally be on the road has given us the opportunity to take one slow day at a time and soak in every little detail. It’s reassuring to know that the world is still out there, waiting for us to come visit, but in the meantime the sun is shining on all THREE of our beautiful children here in Southern Spain. We can hear the waves from the backyard, breathe in the salt air, watch the incredible sunsets, and plan for so so many trips to come. Welcome to the world, Jude! We are so thankful for time to slowdown over these past few months so we can get to know you. Get ready though, the world is beautiful, breathtaking, & huge. We want to show you all of it!

Vaccine Vibes,

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  1. I liked the “raincoats in the desert” analogy and can’t wait for the vaccines to set you free. Love your pictures and hope to retrace your steps in Spain next year! Keep up the entertaining blog posts. All the Best, Spike

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