“When Angkorian society began, Paris and London were not much more than elaborate villages. Europe was crawling with barbarians, and here were the Khmer engineering sophisticated irrigation systems and constructing the biggest temple in the world.” 

Kim Fay, The Map of Lost Memories

Cambodia was one of the first trips that made us a little nervous. On more than one occasion we asked ourselves whether or not it was a good idea to bring our children to a place where mass genocide had occurred in the past or to one in which human (child) trafficking is still a big problem. As with most things, however, it turns out people like to write more about the bad than the good. Scratch just a little bit deeper and you will find a magical place full of rich soil, rolling hills, ancient temples, and incredibly welcoming people. The warmth of the Cambodian people is even more impressive when you think about the years or war, torture, and poverty they have had to endure…all of which are not too distant in the past.



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Tips on Cambodia/

  • You will read a lot about getting an eVisa ahead of time rather than the more traditional visa on arrival. Our experience is that the more costly eVisa isn’t worth it, especially if you are traveling with kids. We were called to the front of the (already short) line due to our small children. Time from touch down to Visa on arrival in hand: 31min.
  • As with Thailand and Vietnam, Grab is a great app to use to help get around. Even if you don’t use their cabs, it gives you a good idea how much you should be paying to get from point A to point B.
  • Even if you are traveling with kids, embrace both the good and the bad about Cambodian history. It’s important to learn about the past to prevent it from repeating itself.