“My first time in Germany. We started off in Heidelberg, which is this quaint, nice town. The Germans, they shoot just like the Americans, except for, if it’s a 10-hour day, they’re leaving at 5. You don’t go to 5:30, 6, 7. No. And then we had a fest for everything.”

Craig Robinson

To be fair, making our Germany destination page is a bit like making a U.S. destination page when the only place in the US you’ve been to is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sure, Albuquerque is amazing and beautiful, but its impossible to get a feel for the the entire U.S. when only visiting a tiny portion of it. Most places we’ve written about we have been to a decent amount of the country (or at least several different regions), but unfortunately, so far we’ve only only barely gotten a taste of Germany. We have a good friend who said her German landlord would always say, “it’s 99%” when fixing things around her place. It was pretty exact, but they wouldn’t dare suggest it was perfect…there is always room for improvement, no matter how minute.

No other place we’ve visited has embraced it’s troubled past as well as Germany. It takes courage to acknowledge the (horrible) mistakes you’ve made in the past and to highlight them to a point where you help to ensure they are never made again.

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Tips on Germany/

  • Everything here is on time. Visiting from Spain will make your head spin, as suddenly things happen the way they are supposed to. It’s efficient and precise, and refreshing.
  • The autobahn is really cool, but doesn’t feel much different than a normal highway. Europeans all respect the left lane rule, but even more so in Germany. When someone may be coming up on you at 200kph, you better only use that lane for passing.
  • There is no other food on the planet better equipped to make you feel warm in cold temperatures than German food.

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