“Life in Hong Kong transcends cultural and culinary borders, such that nothing is truly foreign and nothing doesn’t belong.”

-Peter Jon Lindberg

Picture Hong Kong and you likely think about soaring skyscrapers, bustling commerce, and the world most expensive real estate. Beneath the surface, however, Hong Kong is an intoxicating place that somehow manages to take the best parts of Eastern and Western cultures, mix them together, and spit out something that is weirdly odd, cool, and completely unexpected.

We visited the city before 2021 when China stepped in to “reign in” Hong Kong to be more in line with the ideology of Beijing. We’re not sure how much the city has changed since then, but its hard to imagine that anything could squash the vibrancy and life found here. One day we will go back, and hope to find the same Kung fu loving, dim sum eating, Star Ferry riding city that we left just a few years ago. **keeps fingers crossed**

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Tips on Hong Kong/

  • Be very wary with Google maps. While Google maps does work well in the city, the labyrinth of different levels, bridges, walkways, and tunnels makes navigating a little challenging. One night we walked from he hotel to ICC tower for drinks at the Ritz Carlton’s Ozone Lounge on the 118th floor. What should have been a quick walk turned into HOURS of winding our way around. In hindsight, we just should have taken a cab.
  • Public transportation is everywhere, inexpensive, and on time. This is certainly a place where you don’t need a rental car.
  • If you plan on going to a Jade market, do your research. Most of what you see is a bunch of cheap souvenirs, even though your seller will surely tell you otherwise. Look for bubbles in the Jade (not a good sign), as many pieces are artificially injected with Green.
  • Take time to get out on Dragons Back hike, after a few days in the city it’s refreshing to see it from a different perspective.