“Thailand was never a European colony, so even though the city is very Western on the surface, deep down it’s very Asian. It’s quite enigmatic, and I like that. I can’t get to the bottom of Bangkok, and I never will.” 

Lawrence Osborne

It’s a country full of mountains, beaches, islands, temples, absolutely amazing food, and a lot of very happy people. Despite being in the heart of South East Asia, Thailand is somehow a bit more approachable for Westerners than its neighboring countries. Even after several trips here, we are still not quite sure exactly why. Perhaps its the dichotomy of modern touches and exotic locations or the chaos of its bustling cities set against the quiet serenity of its natural beauty.

Despite its world feel, Thailand was never colonized and the unique mix of people, smells, tastes, and colors are all its own. Perhaps no where else in the world can you get such delicious, high quality food for so little money. For those traveling on a budget or those thinking about possible ex-pat locations you can truly live like a king in Thailand for very little money.

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Tips on Thailand/

  • When catching an taxi at the airport, there is a 50 Baht mandatory surcharge added on. If you want to avoid this, head up a level and catch a taxi from departures. Its generally about 300 Baht to get from Bangkok airport into the city.
  • Grab app is you best bet in managing transportation around Thailand. Its like Uber, except for Thailand (and many other SE Asian countries). Even if you decide not to go with the Grab faire, it’s useful for knowing a baseline price to go for if you are hailing a cab or tuk tuk.
  • ALWAYS agree on a price for the taxi ride beforehand or make sure the meter is running.
  • Floating markets used to be one of the most important centers of commerce and social activity for small communities, but over time have morphed into tourist attractions primarily. That being said, however, they still have some of the best “Street” food we’ve ever run across.